How Dial R Studios Came About...

It was all Tim's fault.

That bastard. In one of his infamous drunken nights out, one word kept coming out of his mouth: “Revenge.” Yes, 'revenge.' He said, “that's what the R stands for.” And all I kept wondering was, what 'R' are you talking about?” And he kept answering, “revenge, dude.” On that fateful night, Dial R for Revenge was born. That was the original plan. To start up a small studio with myself, Tim, and Chris Maze. We were going to include artists, writers, musicians, film, web and animation people. A close-knit group of creative people that knew each other and would pool resources together to create the best possible art and entertainment we possibly could.

Upon further inspection, our studio name did not sound like a studio's name, rather, more like a comic title. We dropped the 'Revenge' from Dial R and stuck with the name Dial R Studios. Dial R Studios, in its current incarnation, is a commune of like-minded artists and writers. The goal remains the same: to create great art, and great entertainment in the form of comic books.


This was all Tim's fault.

Pat Loika

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